4.24: Season 4 Retrospective (Live with Aaron Sorkin and Emily Procter)


We’ve reached the end of the fourth season, and the end of Aaron Sorkin’s tenure on The West Wing. For this special farewell, Aaron himself joined us on stage at the historic Town Hall in New York to teach us how to say goodbye. He surprised us with his candor, and we surprised Aaron and the audience with special guest Emily Procter, as well as heartfelt messages sent in by the cast and crew.

4.23: Twenty Five (Live with Thomas Schlamme)


Recorded live in Boston, Tommy Schlamme joins Josh and Hrishi to talk about the last days of the Sorkin-Schlamme era as they recap the episode Twenty Five. 


4.22: Commencement (Live with Bradley Whitford, Ronald Klain, and Melissa Fitzgerald)


Live from the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC, Josh and Hrishi discuss the penultimate episode of Season 4—and all its trip-hop-laced anomalies—with special guests Bradley Whitford, Ronald Klain, and Melissa Fitzgerald. Plus: a surprise guest who’s surprised to be part of the podcast.

footnotes —
Justice For Vets
Advancing Justice

4.21: Life on Mars (Live with Richard Schiff, Eli Attie, and The Swingles)


We’re live in London! Josh and Hrishi discuss “Life on Mars” with guests Richard Schiff (@Richard_Schiff) and Eli Attie (@EliAttie). Plus some special West Wing-themed musical performances from Debbie Fiderer’s favorite a capella group, The Swingles (@swinglesingers).

footnotes —
The Swingles
Theresa May borrows from The West Wing
President Clinton Statment Regarding Mars Meteorite Discovery

4.20: Evidence of Things Not Seen (Live with Richard Schiff and Marlee Matlin)


We’re live in Dublin to discuss Evidence of Things Not Seen with special guests Richard Schiff, Marlee Matlin, her interpreter Jack Jason, and a pint of Guinness that is like an angel crying on Richard’s tongue.


footnotes —
In Shuffling Cards, 7 Is Winning Number
Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention - Suzy Creamcheese
Urban Dictionary - Bread Squeezer