4.21: Life on Mars (Live with Richard Schiff, Eli Attie, and The Swingles)


We’re live in London! Josh and Hrishi discuss “Life on Mars” with guests Richard Schiff (@Richard_Schiff) and Eli Attie (@EliAttie). Plus some special West Wing-themed musical performances from Debbie Fiderer’s favorite a capella group, The Swingles (@swinglesingers).

footnotes —
The Swingles
Theresa May borrows from The West Wing
President Clinton Statment Regarding Mars Meteorite Discovery

4.20: Evidence of Things Not Seen (Live with Richard Schiff and Marlee Matlin)


We’re live in Dublin to discuss Evidence of Things Not Seen with special guests Richard Schiff, Marlee Matlin, her interpreter Jack Jason, and a pint of Guinness that is like an angel crying on Richard’s tongue.


footnotes —
In Shuffling Cards, 7 Is Winning Number
Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention - Suzy Creamcheese
Urban Dictionary - Bread Squeezer

0.06: Hamilton Special (with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Thomas Kail)


AARON BURR: How does a podcast, web thing, 
Recap and chat on The West Wing
Dropped on the internet by nostalgic pals
On a fake President—it makes no sense!
How do Josh and Hrish, on balance,
Manage to land two major Broadway talents?
The two gallants, Lin-Manuel and Tommy Kail,
Got a lot farther by working a lot harder,
By being a lot smarter, by being two self-starters
By watching Jed Bartlet, who’s based a bit on Jimmy Carter.
Well, the word got around that they’re like, "Sorkin is insane, man"
So we sent a lot of emails till we got into their brainpan:
“Do a special episode, lend us some acclaim and
Let’s talk about the napkin in the frame.”
Roll the name, son:
West Wing Weekly Hamilton
This thing is West Wing Weekly Hamilton
There’s a million things these guys have won
So just hit play, just hit play…

footnotes —
Lin and Josh - Sad Sad Conversation - West Wing Bike
The Redcoat Transition (inspired by "previously on The West Wing" music)
“One Last Time” - Hamilton at The White House
Lin Performs “Alexander Hamilton” at the White House Poetry Jam in 2009
Ham4Ham “Walk and Talk” in the White House
Lin on Periscope showing off the West Wing swag in his dressing room
Lin wearing a Bartlet For America shirt while meeting with Aaron Sorkin
Lin and Tommy with their “Game On” ties sent by Brad
The napkin Lin gave Tommy on opening night of Hamilton


4.19: Angel Maintenance (with Fmr. Acting Secretary of the Air Force Eric Fanning)


Please set your cell phones to airplane mode, it’s Angel Maintenance time. In this episode we’re joined by former Acting Secretary of the Air Force (and former Secretary of the Army) Eric Fanning for lots of juicy details about Air Force One, including the fact that there’s more than one Air Force One. And Josh looks back fondly on filming this episode, for reasons involving Vaseline.

footnotes —
The Youth In Asia - by David Sedaris
Spaceballs - Ludicrous Speed
Legacy of Ashes - Tim Weiner
Terrance Malick - The New World
Mump & Smoot
Willie Whistle
U.S. grants full drug certification to Mexico

4.18: Privateers (with Allison Janney, Jeff Perry, Helen Slayton-Hughes, and the DAR)


Privateers has a special place in our hearts because we love the scene where Allison Janney can’t stop laughing - and she’s here with us to talk about the fugue state necessary to create such memorable giggles. We’re also joined by Josh’s Scandal costar Jeff Perry, and Helen Slayton-Hughes, who played Marion Cotesworth-Haye of Marblehead. And we get the final word on the privateer question from Bren Landon of the DAR.

footnotes —
Daughters of The American Revolution
Mary Tyler Moore at Chuckles the Clown's Funeral
Joshua harangues the Malibu City Council
Geeky Needles For Hire
Erin Brockovich
Michael Clayton