5.20: No Exit (with Fmr. Senator Tom Daschle, Wilson Cruz, and Eli Attie)

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We’re joined by three guests for our discussion of "No Exit." Former Senator Tom Daschle tells us about what it was like getting sent anthrax in the mail; Wilson Cruz tells us about playing Jack Sosa for his two episodes on The West Wing; and Eli Attie tells us about the writing of the episode, specifically the Will and Toby scenes, which he co-wrote with Peter Noah. But first, a poem that this episode inspired Hrishi to write:

Albert Camus
Cried, "What do we do?
We're all stuck here in a cell!"

So Samuel Beckett
Got totally nekkid.
"Let's go!" he started to yell.

But Jean-Paul Sartre
Just let out a fartre
And said, "Other people are hell."

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