What's Next? featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda

The West Wing Weekly presents an ode to The West Wing. Hrishi made a beat, an extended remix of our podcast’s intro theme, for the biggest West Wing fan we know— Lin-Manuel Miranda — who wrote lyrics and recorded vocals for the track! What's next?

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Special thanks to engineer Nicholas Cavalieri, mixer Zach McNees, and video editor Michael Raines.

2.13: Bartlet's Third State of the Union (with Don Baer, Fmr. White House Communications Director)

In this episode, we're joined by Don Baer, who was the chief speechwriter for President Bill Clinton, to tell us what it's really like to write a State of the Union Address. And when you're done listening and you're ready to go home, we only have one question for you: How's Grampy?

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President Clinton's speech at Normandy [video]
Jon Hershfield (Pollster #2)'s impressive scalp control [gif]

Sweatshirts and t-shirts are available to order again.

Send us questions about "The Stackhouse Filibuster" for our live taping with Bradley Whitford in San Francisco this weekend.

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0.03: Big Block of Cheese II

For the last episode of the year, we answer listener questions in our 2nd edition of The West Wing Weekly Big Block of Cheese Day. Thanks so much for listening to the show this year and giving us a great 2016 — apart from, well, everything else that happened.

If you are looking for good causes to support this holiday season, we suggest:
The Pablove Foundation
Southern Poverty Law Center
Bet Tzedek 
Justice for Vets

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Hrishi's West Wing cast: starring roles with photosfull cast list
Our West Wing prequel: starring roles with photos

2.12: The Drop In (with Kim Webster)

Forget the popcorn, we got Ginger! Kim Webster joins us to talk about the fortuitous path that led her to the role. So affix your signature and seal, baby — <sexy music> — we're about to declare you extraordinary and plenipotentiary. 

Plus, we're doing our FIRST EVER live taping. It's in San Francisco, on January 15, 2017, at the Sketchfest Comedy Festival. We'll be joined by friend (?) of the show, Bradley Whitford. GET TICKETS.

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Larry Wilmore at the White House Correspondents' Dinner 

2.11: The Leadership Breakfast

When we spoke to Emily Procter (episode 2.04), she told us a story about a lunch meeting she had with Tommy Schlamme that had an unexpected twist. We've been holding on to her story until this episode. You'll hear why. Plus, a lot of #TrumpAiYiYi.

And, if you have a question you'd like to ask Josh & Hrishi, record yourself asking it and send it to us at memos@thewestwingweekly.com for an upcoming Q&A episode we'll be doing.

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Seven and a half hours = 71/////2 hours
Tickets for the Thrilling Adventure Hour live show in Los Angeles with Josh, et al.