3.22: Posse Comitatus (Live with Aaron Sorkin, Allison Janney, and Melissa Fitzgerald)

To discuss the Season 3 finale, we traveled to San Francisco to record a live episode at the Castro Theatre. We'd announced the show would be with a special guest: Aaron Sorkin. But what we didn't tell anyone was that we'd also be joined by a couple of surprise guests: Allison Janney (@AllisonBJanney) and Melissa Fitzgerald (@MaffyFitz). You can hear the audience go crazy when they come out; you wouldn't believe how thunderously loud it was in the actual theater. This one was so much fun to record. Thanks to our guests for joining us, thanks to Sketchfest for hosting us, and thanks to you for continuing to watch The West Wing along with us. Okay, what's next?

The Swingles have made their version of the West Wing theme song available for anyone to download for free. They ask that in return, please make a donation to Justice for Vets. Download here. Donate here.

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Justice for Vets
Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley
Patriotic Song” from Nicholas Nickelby, performed by the RSC featuring Roger Rees

Melissa Fitzgerald, Allison Janney, Aaron Sorkin, Hrishi, and Josh, backstage at the Castro before our taping began.

Melissa Fitzgerald, Allison Janney, Aaron Sorkin, Hrishi, and Josh, backstage at the Castro before our taping began.

3.21: We Killed Yamamoto

Josh and Hrishi discuss a few conflicts central to this episode, and its making: Amy vs Josh, President Bartlet vs moral absolutes, and script deadlines vs directing schedules.

Here’s a link to buy tickets for our live “Celebrity Celebrity” game night, a benefit for The Pablove Foundation on September 24 — thewestwingweekly.com/celebrity

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“Cool Sorkin Jams” playlist on Spotify, now with more Van Morrison
“[I've Had] The Time Of My Life” by Jennifer Warnes & Bill Medley
Josh Lyman’s little shimmy (I listened to Josh Malina cackling as he watched this over and over):


3.20: The Black Vera Wang (with Mark Harmon)

We’re joined by Mark Harmon to discuss all things Simon Donovan. Our interview with him spans the rest of Season 3, so if you're watching The West Wing for the first time, be warned that spoilers abound during that part of this episode.

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Miles Morales / Black Spider-Man
Thanks to Lyn Paolo (@LynPaolo) for insight into the title.
”A Brief History of Catholic Claims to Shakespeare” in The Atlantic
Donna drinking water [screenshot]

3.19: Enemies Foreign and Domestic

A correction: Eli Attie's teacher, Mrs Morello, is alive. A reminder: Paxton Whitehead, who played Bernard, is also alive. Josh and Hrishi discuss Russians being played by non-Russians, Tom Lehrer, and the Sorkinism of having nothing to do. Plus, to accompany the story of the letter that gets sent to the President, we're thrilled to present one of our favorite episodes of 99% Invisible, “Ten Letters to the President.” It’s a perfect companion for this episode of The West Wing. Big thanks to Roman Mars (@romanmars) and the folks at Slate’s Working podcast for letting us share it with you.

Tom Lehrer - Lobachevsky
Tom Lehrer - Who’s Next?
Paxton Whitehead and his daughter Alex

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