5.20: No Exit (with Fmr. Senator Tom Daschle, Wilson Cruz, and Eli Attie)

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We’re joined by three guests for our discussion of "No Exit." Former Senator Tom Daschle tells us about what it was like getting sent anthrax in the mail; Wilson Cruz tells us about playing Jack Sosa for his two episodes on The West Wing; and Eli Attie tells us about the writing of the episode, specifically the Will and Toby scenes, which he co-wrote with Peter Noah. But first, a poem that this episode inspired Hrishi to write:

Albert Camus
Cried, "What do we do?
We're all stuck here in a cell!"

So Samuel Beckett
Got totally nekkid.
"Let's go!" he started to yell.

But Jean-Paul Sartre
Just let out a fartre
And said, "Other people are hell."

footnotes —
Blue Ribbon Study Panel on Biodefense
Eli Attie’s Beat Sheet

5.19: Talking Points (with Richard Schiff)

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We're joined by Richard Schiff to discuss this episode, his television directing debut! Hear what it was like for him to step behind the camera for this story about power and labor and international trade.

footnotes —
Farmers protesting on the streets of Ireland
Sinclair’s synchronized script for local media
Russell Brand on Hugo Boss

A staged shot for an article about Richard Schiff directing “Talking Points”

A staged shot for an article about Richard Schiff directing “Talking Points”

The Josh Lyman slide ( gif  by  @creggmoss )

The Josh Lyman slide (gif by @creggmoss)