3.02: Manchester, Part II (with Connie Britton)

Josh and Hrishi are joined by Connie Britton (@conniebritton) to discuss the second half of the Season 3 premiere and the role of Connie Tate. In an attempt to reference Josh Lyman's RU-486 and Tobacco mix-ups, I made a joke last week about Freudian slips in the show notes for Part I(“Josh and Hrishi try to sort their way through it all without making any Freudian slips while talking to each mother”), but it really should have gone here, in Part II. Sorry about that. My dad. I mean, my bad.

footnotes —
Octopus RNA Tinkering (our underwater overlords, more powerful than ever)
Davey & Goliath 

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3.00: Isaac and Ishmael (with Ajay Naidu and Fmr Press Secretary Mike McCurry)

This is a controversial episode of The West Wing, and one that falls outside the regular storyline of the show. We hash out our conflicting opinions to find some common ground. We're also joined by Ajay Naidu to discuss his role as Rakim Ali. And we talk to former White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry, who is now a Professor of Theology; in the spirit of this episode, it's a Jew, an atheist, and a Methodist having a conversation about religion, politics, and pluralism.

Bonus: we have a lot of fun recording our ads, you can probably tell. We wanted to share the full exchange we had recording this week's Blue Apron ad here; it was too long and ridiculous to put in the episode in its entirety. 

2.22: Two Cathedrals (Part I, with Lawrence O'Donnell and Mary Graham)

We present the first of two episodes of our podcast discussing the Season Two finale. In this episode, we're joined by West Wing writer / producer Lawrence O'Donnell (@Lawrence), aka Jed's father, Headmaster Bartlet. Plus, Mary Graham, author of Presidents' Secrets: The Use and Abuse of Hidden Power tells us all about how presidents have hidden the truth about their health from the American people.


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