3.07: The Indians in the Lobby (with W.G. Snuffy Walden)

Thanksgiving! Native Americans! Turkey! Foodborne illness! Hrishi's dad! All this, plus we present the recording of our live interview with Emmy-winning West Wing composer Snuffy Walden (@snuffywalden). 

footnotes —
If you experienced a weird audio error in the episode, please delete the file and re-download it. The first version that hit the podcast feed had the issue, but we have since fixed it; it's all good now. Sorry for the issue!
Campylobacter jejuni (it's not made up!)
50504 is NOT a Fargo zip code (it IS made up!)

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The next episode of @thewestwingweekly features a very special guest: my dad!

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3.05: War Crimes (with Fmr. UN Ambassador David Pressman)

David Pressman is the former US Ambassador to the United Nations and was the first-ever Director for War Crimes and Atrocities on the National Security Council at the White House, and we're thrilled to have him on the podcast to discuss the "War Crimes" episode with us. Plus, Josh and Hrishi get into it over Toby's "we're a team" speech. 

footnotes —
Josh and hugging at the workplace—specifically, at Scandal (Thursdays on ABC!)
The fountain at the end of this episode, aka the Friends fountain, on Google Maps
"Volare" by Dean Martin
Hrishi in the White House Press Briefing Room (doing his CJ Impression)

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3.04: On the Day Before (with Janel Moloney)

For this episode, we're joined once again by Janel Moloney (@NellyMoloney), who was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Emmy in part for her performance in this episode. Alas, she did not help us learn to tie a proper bow tie. (At the end of the podcast episode, you want to be able to pull it open, like Tony Bennett.)

And: new t-shirts

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Well, that was strange. But pretty fun.

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3.03: Ways and Means (with Eli Attie)

We’re joined again by our friend Eli Attie, the former speechwriter to Al Gore who went on to join The West Wing in Season 3. Eli has a ‘story by’ credit on “Ways and Means,” and we dig into what that really means. Plus, we talk about the importance and danger that stage directions can provide actors and politicians. Take a listen, you won’t be…DISAPPOINTED!!!!

footnotes —
George H.W. Bush – "Message: I Care."
Hercules - Disappointed!!!

Here are the actual memos that Eli wrote, from his episode binder: