4.06: Game On (with Rob Lowe, Bradley Whitford, and Joshua Malina)


Hrishi and Josh welcome special guest Joshua Malina to talk about Joshua Malina’s first episode as Will Bailey. [fanfare] With special appearances by Bradley Whitford, Rob Lowe, and Joshua Malina.

Mel Carnahan - United States Senate Election in Missouri, 2000

4.05: Debate Camp (with Ronald Klain)

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To discuss the Bartlet Administration's debate camp, we're joined once again by Ronald Klain (@ronaldklain), who has been in charge of debate prep for every Democratic presidential candidate since 2004.

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Phillips Exeter Academy
The Yale Spizzwinks
Mory’s - A Yale Tradition 
Tom Lehrer - Bright College Days
Tom Lehrer - Fight Fiercely Harvard
Obama / Romney Debate 2012
1992 Presidential Debate Camp Prep in St. Louis

Hrishi graduating from Phillips Exeter Academy and Yale

Magic Index Card

Ronald Klain preps President Obama for his 2012 debates. Secretary John Kerry played Governor Romney.

4.03: College Kids (with Aimee Mann and Fmr. Secretary of Education John King, Jr.)

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This week, we’re joined by former Secretary of Education John King, Jr. (@JohnBKing) and Aimee Mann (@aimeemann) to discuss “College Kids”.

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Watch: Aimee Mann - "Patient Zero" video (featuring Bradley Whitford!)
Listen: Hrishi's episode of Song Exploder with Aimee Mann