4.10: Arctic Radar (with Richard Schiff, John David Coles, and Fmr. Cabinet Secretary Chris Lu)

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One of us! One of us! Will Bailey finally arrives in the West Wing and we've got a trio of guests to welcome him. Former Cabinet Secretary Chris Lu (@ChrisLu44) talks about the (nonexistent) precedent for cabinet resignations; director John David Coles breaks down his unusual camera choices; and Richard Schiff (@Richard_Schiff) reveals what song Toby had stuck in his head the first time he met Will.

footnotes —
Hotel Beau Rivage, Nice, France
Whitewater trial juror Barbara Adams wears Star Trek uniform

Jordi Kendall by  @OkOkWhatsNext

Jordi Kendall by @OkOkWhatsNext

4.09: Swiss Diplomacy (with Kevin Falls and Eli Attie)

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Eli Attie (@EliAttie) and Kevin Falls (@KevinFalls) are our guests to talk about the “break glass in case of emergency” writing that went into “Swiss Diplomacy”, a rare episode without a Sorkin writing credit. These guys have stories! And they’ll tell you why, when in doubt, you should always run for president.

footnotes —
CNN declares Florida "too close to call"

4.08: Process Stories (with Joanna Gleason)

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Stock up on Cheetos, because Joanna Gleason (@TheRealJGleason) is our guest and she’s got a drinking game - sorry, an eating game - for anyone who loves to pick apart Bradley Whitford’s acting technique. Needless to say, Josh is on board. It’s a probable impossibility that by the end of this episode we’ll all understand what an improbable possibility is, and why Sam is so down on it.

footnotes —
Now You Know: What Happens If the President Gets Drunk?
U.S. Senator James Shields
"Moments in the Woods" - Into The Woods (1991) - Joanna Gleason

4.07: Election Night (with Clark Gregg)

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As the characters anxiously await election results and Donna tries to swap votes with Christian Slater, Josh and Hrishi interview Clark Gregg (@ClarkGregg) about how everybody wants to call him Agent Something. And, Josh looks back fondly on the mighty superpowers that allowed him to summon rain from a clear sky.

footnotes —
Honoré de Balzac - Père Goriot
The Most Infuriating Thing on Television: Unrealistic Acting With Empty Coffee Cups
The Music Man - Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little

4.06: Game On (with Rob Lowe, Bradley Whitford, and Joshua Malina)

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Hrishi and Josh welcome special guest Joshua Malina to talk about Joshua Malina’s first episode as Will Bailey. [fanfare] With special appearances by Bradley Whitford, Rob Lowe, and Joshua Malina.

Mel Carnahan - United States Senate Election in Missouri, 2000