6.02: The Birnam Wood (with Fmr. Ambassador Jacob Walles)

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Hello Mother, I'm elated

Here I am at old Camp David

I'm respectful, all due deference

But I don't really get the Macbeth reference

Plus, former ambassador Jacob Walles tells us about the years he dedicated to brokering Mideast peace, including his time at 2000 Camp David Summit, and he tells us what this episode got right about those conversations.

footnotes —
John Wells on Aaron Sorkin leaving The West Wing
Don’t Mention Macbeth - Blackadder - BBC

0.07: Parks and Recreation (with Rob Lowe, Adam Scott and Michael Schur)

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We literally cannot wait for you to hear how much The West Wing influenced Parks and Recreation. We spoke to the co-creator of the show, Michael Schur, and two of the stars, Rob Lowe and Adam Scott, to learn about the parallels between the Bartlet White House and the Pawnee Parks Department. Stop pooping! Just listen.

You can download an mp3 of Hrishi’s mini-mashup of The West Wing Weekly and Parks & Rec themes here.

Josh, Adam Scott, Hrishi and Michael Schur

Josh, Adam Scott, Hrishi and Michael Schur