6.07: A Change Is Gonna Come (Live with Mary McCormack and Roman Mars)

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Mary McCormack joins Josh and Hrishi to discuss "A Change Is Gonna Come," recorded live in San Francisco. Plus, Roman Mars, host of 99% Invisible and noted flag expert, drops some vexillological knowledge. Special thanks to Professor Rebecca Nedostup for shedding light on Taiwan and China.

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Roman Mars - Ted Talk on Flags
Eddie Izzard - Do You Have a Flag?
For your ringtone: an mp3 of Josh Lyman saying “No no, no no, no”

Flag of The West Wing Weekly


6.06: The Dover Test

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Wait a second: Is Annabeth Mandy 2.0? Plus Donna pushes Josh away, CJ pushes Toby away, and Santos pulls Josh in with his wily political moves. We need a bipartisan summit with Red Vines families and Twizzler families so we can discuss all of this and more.

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The World’s Worst Industrial Disaster Is Still Unfolding
"The Court Jester," - Danny Kaye

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6.04: Liftoff (with Allison Janney)

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Everything about “Liftoff" feels like a new era is beginning, so we’re welcoming the new year by welcoming Allison Janney (@AllisonBJanney) to talk about CJ’s new job as the new chief of staff.

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Marx Brothers - A Night At The Opera - Crowded Cabin Scene
NY Post - Gregory Crewdson’s Six Feet Under Shoot
Brooklyn 99 - Fred Armisen

Gregory Crewdson - Six Feet Under