6.11: Opposition Research (with Mayor Pete Buttigieg)

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We’re joined by Mayor Pete Buttigieg, 2020 Presidential hopeful, for our discussion of “Opposition Research,” in which Matt Santos travels to New Hampshire to introduce himself to the electorate.

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Pete for America
Empty Cup Awards
Shortest Way Home by Pete Buttigieg

0.10: In the Writers' Room (with Paul Redford)

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We’re joined by Paul Redford, who wrote for West Wing Seasons 1–5, as well as Sports Night and The Newsroom. He’s responsible for some classic West Wing storylines, and we’re long overdue for a chat with him, so we’re making up for lost time with this bonus episode.

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2000 White House Correspondents' Dinner - West Wing Intro

6.08: In the Room (with Penn & Teller)

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Join us in the room to discuss "In the Room," in which the President’s need to be 'in the room' in China is the central topic of discussion in the room—President Room—the Oval Office. We’re joined by magicians Penn & Teller, who light a flag on fire in the (East) Room in this episode. Or did they? (They didn’t.)

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Penn & Teller extended flag trick
This American Life: The Oldest Trick in the Book
Alan Alda - SAG Lifetime Achievement Award