2.01 – 2.02: In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (with Thomas Schlamme, Bradley Whitford, and Michael O'Neill)

"In the Shadow of Two Gunmen" was the Season 2 premiere of the West Wing. The two-part episode aired as a special 2-hour broadcast. In honor of that, here's our own two-part episode. 

In Part I, we're joined by director and executive producer Thomas Schlamme, who created the visual language of The West Wing around Aaron Sorkin's words. We ask him about his directorial decisions for the show, and for this cinematic premiere. And we ask: what happened with Mandy? 

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In Part II of our double header, Bradley Whitford (@WhitfordBradley) makes his West Wing Weekly debut to talk about getting the role of Josh Lyman, and starting the season by getting shot. But first, we speak with Michael O'Neill, who played Special Agent Ron Butterfield. Plus, a few thoughts on Emily's List from its former executive director, Amy Dacey (@AmyKDacey).

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footnotes –
Josh, Hrishi, and Tommy Schlamme [ photo ]
Josh, Hrishi, and Bradley Whitford [ photo ]
Jerry Parr (Michael O'Neill's adviser) wrote a book: In the Secret Service.