4.18: Privateers (with Allison Janney, Jeff Perry, Helen Slayton-Hughes, and the DAR)

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Privateers has a special place in our hearts because we love the scene where Allison Janney can’t stop laughing - and she’s here with us to talk about the fugue state necessary to create such memorable giggles. We’re also joined by Josh’s Scandal costar Jeff Perry, and Helen Slayton-Hughes, who played Marion Cotesworth-Haye of Marblehead. And we get the final word on the privateer question from Bren Landon of the DAR.

footnotes —
Daughters of The American Revolution
Mary Tyler Moore at Chuckles the Clown's Funeral
Joshua harangues the Malibu City Council
Geeky Needles For Hire
Erin Brockovich
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