5.12: Slow News Day (with Eli Attie and Nancy Altman)

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Sleep in! We'll wake up the President for you to tell him about our great idea to record a podcast about the Slow News Day episode of the West Wing. Joining us in this historic endeavor is returning guest Eli Attie, who shares his memories about real and fictional West Wing attempts to build a legacy. Nancy Altman, president of Social Security Works, also drops by to tell us just how Toby's efforts compare to the real history of Social Security reform. PS: we had a data glitch while recording and lost Josh's mic audio, so his side of the conversation is not up to our usual standards. Sorry about that!

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footnotes —
Social Security Works
Nancy Altman's book: The Truth about Social Security: The Founders' Words Refute Revisionist History, Zombie Lies, and Common Misunderstandings
The Pact: Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and the Rivalry that Defined a Generation
Al Gore on the The West Wing set for SNL
My First Ghost, co-written by our own Margaret Miller! 
Rena's theme song